Thursday, April 2, 2015

Grinning in anticipation

Yes, I am _well_ aware that this is a review blog and I've been badly off topic the last two days. That's unfortunate. However: It's my bloggie and I'll post if I want to. That's just me.  One day I'll learn to focus on only the goal of the blog and ignore everything else. Yah. And monkeys might fly out of my butt. Anyway...

Amanda Green, has noted some of the vitriol by the enemies of the Sad Puppies. It seems that Steve Davidson of Amazing Stories (noted SJW rag and former promoter of SF/F as a genre. That being, of course, before they started to promote SF/F as a progressive social movement) has a problem with people buying memberships to support their favorite authors. He says; "Right now they’re probably anticipating the announcement with a certain amount of glee, since “leaks” (from the nominees most likely) seem to be indicating that a goodly percentage of those on the final ballot were championed by the Sad Puppy recommended voting slate." I hate to admit it, but you're right Steve. No, you're not just right, you're DAMN RIGHT.

See, I do admit to a certain sadistic glee in watching all of you Social Justice types squirm. There is nothing more personally satisfying to me than seeing Special Snowflakes who run around saying things like "Right now, a lot of involved folks are starting to seriously ask how fandom is going to handle this growing problem." because LORD (can I say that, or is it offensive?) and then following it with "The real, long term solution is to create more participation in the voting..." Note an Mr. Davidson: That's what the Sad Puppies are doing. I know of precisely one person who voted for the Hugo Awards prior to the rise of the Sad Puppies that is voting with them this year. She started voting the year before the SP movement began with many of the same goals.

He can't have it both ways, but he's convinced that he can. I've seen this attitude from many SJWs both inside and outside of SF/F fandom. The automatic assumption is that everyone believes as they do and if more people just voted they'd win every election. Word to the Left: It doesn't work like that. There are plenty of us out there that are sick of your crap. Screaming about inclusion doesn't work when your real goal is to lock the people you disagree with out.

The real kicker is that Davidson whines about the SPs making money when he works for a FOR PROFIT SJW RAG err.... SF/F magazine. Writing is a business. This blog was started with the goal of monetization and money for little old me. The professional authors that have headed up the SP movement (along with Evil League of Evil member and Duchess of Snark Kate Paulk, who will be leading the charge next year) realize that. You'd think Davidson would too. Apparently, he's got more important things in mind for the business he works for than making money. I'm not sure how his financial backers feel about that. It's weird. Winning a Hugo used to guarantee sales. A Hugo logo on the cover of a book was a sign that it was worth the money a fan would pay for it. It's not until Davidson and his ilk began to take over the awards that it became a sign of "social relevance" and literary pretensions.

Just once, JUST ONCE I'd like to see a person like this take five minutes to think their position through. Just once I'd like a guy like this to see the holes in his argument at are big enough to drive a truck through. Just once I'd like to see a guy who wants more inclusion NOT try to punish someone who disagrees with his opinion. Just once, I'd like to hit my head hard enough to actually believe that a hypocrite like Davidson is capable of seeing himself for what he really is. Then again, maybe I don't. That might hurt. Oh, and once again, just because I can and because he started the Sad Puppies train moving forward (not forgetting that the first two words in any writer's mission statement should be GET PAID) :

On Sunday: Lizzie Ashworth's Salvation. For real this time, as I will be finished reading it tomorrow.

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  1. No, the REAL joy of this is the fact that GOOD, ENJOYABLE books are likely to get the nominations.

    The side effect of having the CHORFs driven before us, and hearing the lamentations of the SJWs. . . .that's just the cherry on top of the sundae of awesome books and stories.

    Tell them that Conan the Librarian said that. . . (grin)