Sunday, February 15, 2015

Welcome to Jimbo's Awesome SFF Book and Movie Reviews.

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Welcome to my blog! As the owner of this place, I will be providing you with the finest and most awesome reviews possible. I work only in the realm of Science Fiction and Fantasy for the simple reason that SF/F is where my love lies. Don't get me wrong, I have respect for other genres but SF/F is my obsession.

I watched my first episode of Star Trek: The Original Series before I could walk. The night that Encounter at Farpoint debuted and Star Trek: The Next Generation launched is one I will never forget. The first movie I remember going to see in the actual theater was Star Wars Episode Five. I read Citizen of the Galaxy by Robert Heinlein in grade school and spent the next twenty plus years searching for it. Whether it's the giants of the field like RAH or Isaac Asimov, newer authors like John Ringo or David Weber or anything in between, I'll be happy to review it here.

And let's not forget the fantasy element of this site: Once upon a time, in the long-ago decade of The Eighties,  I saw an animated film named The Hobbit. A few years later I found the book in my junior high library. When I inquired of the librarian she assured me that yes, there are more books like this and "Have you tried the Lord of the Rings? It's what comes after this." I was in awe. I knew nothing of fantasy literature other than faerie tales. That all changed quickly and when my buddy Jeff handed me a copy of The Dragonlance Chronicles my life changed. Prior to that I had been a fan of pretty much just SF. Now I read and write fantasy fiction. Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman are a huge part of the reason for that.

Fair warning: I know this is blasphemy to many but as far as I'm concerned media tie-ins are SF/F. Halo, Star Trek and Farscape are all SF and that's just to name a few.  Let's not forget role playing games either. Shadowrun, Dungeons and Dragons and even World of Warcraft are all SF/F.  I refuse to turn my back on the most successful segment of my hobby simply because it is successful. And let's not forget one more thing:

Many superheroes are part of the genre as well. Teenagers with a mutant gene? Yup, genetics is science. The X-Men are SF. Stories about wars against giants and evil gods? Rainbow bridges to connect realms? Yup, Thor is fantasy. Star traveling beings wielding green light in the fight to defend the universe? Umm... I'm not sure if that's SF or Fantasy or some mix of the two, but The Green Lantern definitely belongs here. I could go on.

I will do my best to honor requests for reviews where practical. I am currently sans a gaming console and have an older computer and will be unable to do game reviews. I may not be able to find something that was written in nineteen-seventy. Some books I just can't get through. Seriously. I tried to read Twilight on a bet and I just couldn't do it. A hundred and forty pages in I gave it to my sister. She said she enjoyed and her oldest daughter did too. Good for them but I won't review something I haven't read and I just couldn't force myself to do it.

Updates will be on a schedule of Sunday, Wednesday, Friday and will be most likely be two to one in favor of movies, because it take less time to watch a two-hour movie than it does to read a five-hundred page book.  This may vary though, depending on what I'm reading and how fast I get through things.

Comments are welcomed. If someone decides to flame me, I'll deal with it. Flaming each other is off limits. I am putting myself out there for criticism by having this blog. Everyone else needs to be respected. Other than that have fun. Enjoy the blog. Let me know what you think. Agree/disagree, go off on a tangent. It doesn't matter as long as we all enjoy the journey together.

Up Wednesday: Ryk Spoor's Castaway Planet

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  1. I looking forward to reading this. Best of luck to you on it.